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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beyond the Sunset


Beyond the Sunset..

Always comes to mind on a day like today. 

We attended the memorial for Pastor A.  That is what the people who knew him best called him. I don’t remember meeting him, but  I had carpooled with his daughter Cathy for a few years and knew her children.    Cathy was waiting for her Dad, she went home about 6 years ago.  Though I really wanted to see  his granddaughter Amy,  I am not sure  that there was another reason to be there. 

Pastor A was over 90 years old.  As we entered the sanctuary many favorite old hymns of the Faith  were  played.  Several hymns were sung by  a lady whose love rang out loud and clear. 

Is that why I needed a third hanky?   Or was it the message that came through to me from the various speakers?
Passionate, purposeful, prayerful.
A man who asked questions  and listened , because he cared. 
A Barnabas, an encourager.
He held on to the true Word of God   
He helped me define my faith and he had a silly side.
He took time to pray.

We sang together: O How I love Jesus

I struggled in my mind wondering what my grandchildren would say about me. What would I want them to say? What would I want YOU, to remember about me?  What am I going to do about it?

While   I am still processing  all of this I already know the reason I was at Westminster today, and I did not get to see Amy, see was not there.


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