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Friday, October 19, 2012

First Annual Pumpkin Patch Adventure

                      This is just the entrance to a huge Pumpkin Farm Adventure . There was a maze for little people who are a little bigger than our little men.  A hay ride. And much much more.
                                                  Two shoppers, too many choices
                                 A calm day, then some sprinkles

                                       Artist friends joined to capture memories

                                Now off to the fields of orange
                                    This is another way to get there.
                           Two are sometimes better than one
                                This BIG one is right for me!
                                    Cousins have great times
                                        Family portrait time.
                                    Callan, Tanner, Sebastian
                                Sebastian, Tanner and Grampy
                     Always ready for brunch- and colloring menus 
                            And a fun time was had by all.      
                                       I live an exciting life!  

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