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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It Was a Glorious Day

                                            Our Hostess Lynne with fluffy Pearl
             Both cold and hot beverages with dainty tea cups and water pitcher we all coveted
        Fine China and little dollies from Hondorus, Utilla reminder
           It was a glorious day and sunglasses were provided for all
              Sun, lots of delicous food, friends and fellowship,  A glorious day.
                     Miss Martha wore her theme jacket until the sun changed her mind
          The young lady in the back room, the guest of honor Jill, faithful friend to Jeanne, and all of us
Kathy ( me )  Martha, Betty, Liz,    back row, Lynne hostess and Jill our new best friend

     Lynne our hostess with the mostess,   with Ichiro  your hero and mine  
 The Egg, with Jill behind the wheel, saying farewell to Sabrina, with Kathy behind the wheel and Liz giving a big wave.

               Yes it was a glorious day.

1 comment:

Jeanne In Utila said...

All the pictures tell the story of the day, but I must say I love the one of the Egg and Sabrina the very best. I especially love Liz's wave along with yours Kathy! I have a big grin on my face looking at these wonderful pictures. Thank you for posting them. I feel like I was there all the way from Utila. xoxo