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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baking Night at the Tanners 2011

 This year baking night: Anita, Janna,Tiffany, Kristine, and Cheri (Photographer Mom)
                                          Thumb prints - some cookies take two cooks
                                          Kristine has never missed a baking night!
                                                   They look like they are cleaning up but...
                                     It is always good to wear an apron when you cook,
Started the evening early, with Pizza ( thanks Tiff) and then right to work ( thanks again Tiff, you really know how to crack the whip)
We made more cookies this year than almost any other year. Janna came for the first time and made at least 5 recipes, including "stained glass window".  They are the messy ones that first timers get to mess with and we forgot to take a photo.  They are so sweet, that Damon is the only one who loves them. But they are traditional, so we always make them. 
I usually make fruitcake on a different night, but..... I don't want to talk about it.
This Little lady is tasting the goods while her Mama cuts my hair. She wanted to eat them all!
It was a great night we missed Alene and Eleanor, maybe next year

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