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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Casual Tea Party

It was a casual tea party. After all, two of us had been up at one in the morning.
I'm hungry, she said. So we  went  downstairs, had granola,a juice box and toast.We picked out a book to read. We were trying to be quiet , but somehow the violin that plays "ode to Joy" started playing and would not stop. The strings wer stuck together. Fixed that and hid it.  Then
we went back upstairs, but only one of us was ready to go back to bed.
The other one went back down to read a little more .   Then back upstairs, and we both went back
to bed.
So, our casual tea party started about 7 in the morning.  Note the pj's, hat, robe, colorful leggings and very fun flip flops.  Several friendly animals were also invited. As the gentleman said, all their names end with  E.  Sneake, Balde, and doggie. 
A great time was had by all  ( no calories for one thing )

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