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Monday, November 22, 2021

a date with our little man

 It started with a big hug at the bus stop

little walk up the hill

grab  a suitcase and off we go

First stop lunch

British Pantry with super friend Martha

Home to  relax and then

Then a little concoction of his own

Bubble bath
(  all three favorite towels because " I am much bigger now")

Loves to sleep in the rec room, on the floor by the wood stove
Listening to his ipad...stories of long ago


Early morning
Waffles on the same "table" where he made his concoction

Then we file into Bella and off to school.
Singing:  "Genesis Exodus Leviticus"    up to
Lamentations...  still have some memory work to do

Only one wrong turn ( I can honestly blame GPS ) 

Arrived in plenty of time
A half day at school and then the first of his birthday party celebrations

And another tradition for the year- a sleep over at Grammy's , the right before his birthday so his parents can decorate for the party. 

We live an exciting life

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Only once a year

 and only  in October

Preparing goodie bags

Here is what happened 2021 

Getting fun bags from the dollar store and adding at least 4 pieces of candy

This is the gospel message I found for this year... a sweet and true story

Ready, inside and out... photos from previous years give entertainment and smiles to this years visitors

Robin is always my first visitor.   She was full of sparkle and loved it

One young gal asked if it was legal to take her picture.  I promised not to post it on the internet, so she and her friends posed and I can post it on my door next year.

                              No identity here.... 

                                                             or here ......

But you might notice the winter blooming camellia...always beautiful in October 

.. many parents in costume and just a polite fun group ...152 total 

The weather was ideal.. a little cold, but dry and I think everyone was just excited to be outside again.   

Favorite comment:   Do we get extra if we have been vaccinated?

I live an exciting life   

Thursday, October 14, 2021

94 years and still smiling

Happy 94th Birthday Marti 


Delighted to spend an hour, right on her birthday, around her little fireplace... 

So perky and full of stories .. she remembers my hubby ( he grew up in Spokane and was a little naughty and Marti loves  telling me about that)

Only a little time to reflect on her life, but I asked her what her favorite birthday might have been.

She said she had not thought about it before, bur probably her 8th birthday.    She had just asked the Lord into her heart and for her birthday her parents gave her a Bible.  
A treasure for many reasons, but one we might not think about today, they were very poor.  She was raised during the depression and times were hard.  She repeated that a few times, they were poor and worked hard.

The youngest of a family of 8 brothers.  When she was born, one of her brothers went around the neighbors telling them.. 

                      " We finally got a dish washer"

I have known Marti for probably 60 years. My instant memory of her is always with a smile.

An example to follow...  we all love you Marti !

p.s. thanks for permission to post  ☺


I live an exciting life 

Sunday, October 10, 2021

 Hard times..very hard  


Times  we will always remember...

Princess Diana's Death 1997 

I remember we were at Hick's Lake Bible Camp over Labor Day weekend and someone came on Sunday morning with the newspaper and the news.

A face we all recognize 


Assassination  of President Kennedy 1963 

A patient came into the office where I was working and said " Here today Gone today"
Funny that after all these years I remember those words, but it was  shocking, hard  and world news.



A before and an after... only a glimpse of the disaster 


It was a Tuesday morning, BSF leaders training day. I came downstairs and thought that someone had changed the radio station in my kitchen. It was always on, 24/7 and on Spirit radio.  

              No one had changed the station, 

                        an event in New York had changed our world.       


Who remembers April 29, 2011 
         A Friday that many women around the world dressed in their best English attire to watch  the wedding of a Prince & Princess


         But all the joy and excitement was halted when on 

May 2, 2011   the world's most wanted terrorist was taken down


Each of us holds on to the memory of a loss.  A grandparent, a child, a best friend.  Or even someone we had never met, but the circumstances were harsh and close to someone dear to us.

For me, there are a few, but  most recently, there are two

 A child in the neighborhood of our grandchildren.  A little two year old was separated from her family while at the park.  When the father took one child to the restroom, he came back and the other children had not noticed the little one had slipped away.  The search party, police and helicopter spent the night  combing the area for her.  It was the next morning when they found her little body in a pond.  No I had never met the family, but the news hurt my heart. I cried for the family.  That precious life was taken, too soon.  
That little one has a name. She has a family and loved ones that will forever hurt and miss her. 

     --------------------------and ------------------

Personally, for our family, a loss we will remember

Tyler, lifted up to heaven just a year and a day before his 40th birthday 

Tyler went to school with our son, soon to be 40. 
 The circumstances of his death are hard to talk about, mainly because it was a series of events that were out of his control. And very harsh.

 Over 100 friends and family gathered on September 29th. 
 Many 40 year old friends and their parents  
A beautiful tribute to the genuine loving person Tyler had been.  Lindsay Anderson  opened the "Celebration of  Tyler's Life" with  prayer.  A very emotional and touching prayer. 
 Another friend was at the keyboard and shared  beautiful Christian music. We were not able to stay for the whole evening, but we left with a kite to fly in his honor and 
 the confirmation that

Tyler loved Jesus and they are together now and for eternity.   
That is the greatest memory  

We are reminded that we have only today.... we hear it often, but today, I am especially clinging to the friends and family that God has blessed me with.    Praying for them and working a little harder to spend time with them. 

I live an exciting life 


Thursday, September 30, 2021

garage sale

 This year it was indeed the Garage Sale of the Century 

First because we sold more than we have ever sold here

and second because it rained and rained some more but

the people just kept coming..

Starting on Friday..... 

We always serve coffee and cookies and try to be very organized

Did I mention we had help from the boys.....

Then on Saturday Morning...  Benjamin, he lives across the street, came over with a plate of warm just out of the oven chocolate chip cookies, and his cat Cosmos. Cosmos was in his stroller and quite content.

That started my day out with a huge smile.

And the sales kept coming.  

Well, until about 3:00.  First a drizzle and then, a downpour.  So we started packing up.

And that finishes our garage sale adventure for this year

Except for a bit of cleanup....two trips to Value Village and a sore back.

Worth it

I live an exciting life

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

just checking for a recipe

And  in the process, I came across three special cookbooks

                and the sweet reminder of the author 

"Penpals".... we collect pens 

You can see her handwriting is so good
           Her heart, full of love

Found  a recipe I am ready to try very soon
   Hash Brown Ham Quiche ..sounds like brunch 

Memories are still in my heart

      no more lingering over the empty chair where she sat next to me on Sundays

She has been "lifted up" to heaven   

 Memories of Tisha will be with me until I am "lifted up"


BTW  Tisha loved pizza  and ketchup  :)

 I do too  

Saturday, September 4, 2021



The Final sunset  

                             Final sunrise

Taking home good memories,  a dress, straw hat, flip flops, polka-dot blouse and treats 

and a possible kitchen cupboard idea

All white dishes, 4 sizes of stackable bowls, three sizes of plates... oh and two little pitchers.. used at least twice in two weeks.  

We don't have the bathtub, but the idea is worth  thinking about 

The recipe I am dying to figure out..

The fish that Tanner loves to greet 

the shower i missed but...  the memory that was sent 

The view from our bedroom window 

The end of the rainbow...

          but mostly,  being with family

                           That is the best

I live an exciting life