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Monday, July 25, 2022

baking, but much more

 Friday night I made a decision.... use those cherries Heather gave me and the recipe I found on facebook and...just do it.   So I did

Here is how it started.

Heather came over on Monday night. She has been coming every Monday night to get an easy start on her day here in Bellevue ( it's a longer story, but you get the picture)
These were tart, maybe sour cherries.  She was loving them. Eating them right out of the bowl.

I did too ( sort of .... I tried a few )

A lady named Maia from the Ukraine has been posting many things about her country, and despite all the horror, she has found positive things to write about.

Like the bucket of cherries that was given in return for some care packages to some villagers who have nothing.  That is what she said. They have nothing. It is part of their life to give.

One of Maia's friends used those cherries to made Pirozhki. 
Many readers were interested and soon Maia posted the recipe and step by step directions.

That did it. I printed all 5 pages.  I laid out all the ingredients like she did

I put on my Ukrainian apron and said

                     "I can do this"    and I did.

You make little balls and then press each one into a pocket and fill with sweetened cherries


Into the oven 



They did not turn out as pretty as the picture
So I dusted them with powered sugar
followed the next nudge

I shared them

At some point, I googled Pirozhki, and found out it is also called Piroshky .. sometimes savory, sometimes sweet  Oh, I think I can pronounce that better.  

Lessons learned..
No matter how difficult, ugly, scary life might look (mine right now is not there, for sure) there is always something to be thankful for. 

Giving. Sharing. Gratitude. Should be a part of every life.   A part of my life.

There is a deeper meaning in all of this, just not finding the words right now...but

Maia, you have inspired and blessed many.

I live an exciting life

Sunday, July 24, 2022



  Four days and four nights.... a vacation for sure

Hi Marti... almost everyone has been to Whistler, probably you have too, well now I can say "me too" 

First stop...Peace Arch 
The  24 hours that followed ... not peace full, but..

we did out best and the rest was great 

Number 26 our amazing accommodations
thank you Larry and Connie 
Number 1 hubby 

The highlight was spending time with friends.

One couple joined us for dinner.   The other couple spent two days and nights with us.  All so very  good !

A hint to another highlight is hanging in the background...

And in the "background" you will see another highlight....


In the four days we stopped here 3 times...  

 Cows ice cream..all the way from Prince Edward Island. 

  There are 11 stores in Canada and one in Beijing China !  

         About 50 flavors. My favorite,  Maple nut, very nutty.

Pure Bread...Pure delight

Raclette ... a little different, but delish 

Breakfast... bacon...bountiful 

Mongolian Grill.... is Canadian.. french fries, cheese curds and gravy

My first time...will definitely try again 

Atmosphere, ah !  

Kale salad and pizza 

on a smaller scale, but very memorable

Breakfast on the deck, favorite mug ( I like to bring the family along) nose gay from our new favorite florist, Senka ( mine from home died in 24 hours )

Not to be overlooked....

2014 Olympics  

Free massage courtesy of Oakley....a big event going on....

Did you spot Darrell?    

Ok.  not Darrell, but the hat is amusing 

And if you came without your own wheels.....check this out..


A walk along the Village 

Not my ride, but very nice

Not my lodge, but very nice

Yes, we took the gondola ride.  Though the sky was not clear, it was a great ride. Would love to do it again.  they say, " On a clear day you can see forever"

Then back to ground level...well, 2,020 feet ...Whistler mountain is 7,000 feet

How do you get to be walking with a stranger and chatting like you had know each other for years? !

Now, if you get this far...i have a quiz.   and a prize... 

What is missing in this picture?   

( there is a wood cutter behind the greenery )

Hint:  how well do you know my hubby?

OK.   That is a taste of Whistler.   

I live an exciting life 

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

   A great day with the grands

Started with a trip to Chase's pancake corral

We spotted this in the parking lot

Never too old for art work  

Never too young for pancakes 

A walk in the mall... a stop at the bath bomb spot

Alfie loves attention
He lives with his 92 year old lady 

Grampy to the rescue and
then to the basketball court up the street 

Seldom get the privilege to hear his favorite 

It was a long and lovely night at friends for a picnic 

Starting a new day 
A name to remember 

I picked one with bacon  
It lasted three days 

I live an exciting life 

Monday, July 11, 2022

a lesson

 A new word... a it what you like

             or I might ask.... 

What do you call this?

First of all, it was a gift.  My niece handed me this beautiful bouquet on the 4th of July and when I got home I found the perfect vase for it.    6 days ago, it was little bigger and brighter, but

                                      You get the picture

So, did you say....this is a nosegay !

One of my daughters had never heard of this word. Let's say, she did not remember hearing this word.   Little man who was visiting was surprised at the word  ( we are not going to write about that )  I checked it out with Wikipedia and sure enough, 

a small bouquet of two or three flowers that smell sweet is a nosegay

The following day little man, his mommy and auntie met me for lunch at a very cute little place.   I spotted several little vases on the window sill and set one on our table.

   Little man asked... is this a nosegay?

Well, according to Wikipedia it is not, but according the Grammy, we have a very amazing grandson

I live an exciting life

Saturday, July 2, 2022

In passing


My exercise these days is walking in the mall
   (  no purchases

It is safer ( no bumps in the pavement) but if I do fall, someone is sure to pick me up
three friends took a tumble, right close to home. One fell flat on her nose, and it broke. Another fell right onto pots on the dock and messed up her face. My sister fell almost in front of her front door and got bruised up head to toe, no broken bones )

Today I saw a little gal come out of a store and slip down beside a gentleman ( maybe a grandpa) She snuggled up to him. He was looking at his phone.

 I kept walking and came back around the corner. The two of them were still sitting side by side.. he was still on his phone
        ( I never want to miss an opportunity to snuggle with my grands )

Stopped for a bowl of soup, and at a table nearby was a Mom and her little boy.  They were still waiting for their lunch.  Suddenly the little fellow burst into tears.  Mother said " don't ever bite me". 

The little fellow responded, but I could not hear.
( The expression on his face said that his Mom had done something first..maybe touched his cup or something else of his.. not just a guilty look, a hurt look  )

 Oh, and Mother was looking at her phone.  Their meal came and things were calm.  Mother smiled. oh wait, she was looking at her phone. 
As I finished and walked by their table..sure enough, he was enjoying mac and cheese.  
"How did I know you were eating mac and cheese" I said.  He just giggled and hid his face.  His mother laughed and said "It's his favorite"

  ( when little people giggle it makes me smile )

It is best not to judge...but to listen and learn and grow
I am still in the process, but trying )

I live an exciting life

Monday, June 27, 2022

Not just another day

    A day spent with my youngest grand

           It doesn't happen often enough

           And when it does, I set aside any other plans

He was just a little hungry when he arrived so our first stop was

        Chase's Pancake Corral

His favorite..chocolate chip pancakes, and now he qualifies for the adult menu

My favorite is bacon. This time I added hash browns to the very tasty waffle.

Not sure why the rose was at the end of the table, so we moved it between us.

Next, a drive down to Bellevue Square.  He had some questions for the lady at Lush, and she was very nice

He has already done some research and planning on making his own "soap bombs" and selling them, too.

We also stopped at the candy store. I will not name it because the salesman seemed to think we should already know the answers to our questions ( grand's evaluation )

As we ride along we are singing..the books of the Bible...almost have the old Testament mastered.

A few more stops and then back to our neighborhood.  Our neighbor has taken a tumble and appreciates our visits and attention to her dog

Everyone seemed pretty content..the boy, the dog, his lady

Time to head home for lunch and then giving a helping hand to Grampy... unloading the pick up

Working together... love it

All too soon Mama comes for her boy

But, Grammy has had a stellar day with her youngest Grand. Looking forward to our next date. Can't come too soon 

At the end of the day, both of us, Grampy and Grammy, think that this young man has matured and become more thoughtful, helpful, and obedient. Sound like bragging? Grandma's can do that. 

I live an exciting life.